There's 3 great reasons to do all your sportswear shopping through these links:

  • Directly order kit with a club badge and player initials!
  • Get a boots discount code and free delivery!
  • Support our club. Registering alone secures a £1.00 donation.


Shop Step by Step Guide

1. Click on one of the two links above to register for a Pro:Direct Soccer account or sign into an existing account if you already have one.  (Once you have registered or logged into your account after clicking on this link, you will automatically receive a welcome email that includes your 10% discount code for the Pro:Direct Boot room on You will also qualify for unlimited Free delivery (further instructions on how to activate this free delivery are below).

2. The easiest way to navigate the shop is by using the filters on the left-hand side in the team section. You can filter by clicking on the relevant box so that the website shows you just Adult match kit or junior training kit items and so on. The Kempston Rovers shop has several sections of kit including Adult & Junior Match Kit, Training Kit, Training Kit With Initials (All products include initials) & Unbadged Adult & Junior Items (All items with any Kempston badges etc)

3. To purchase an item click onto the photo of the product, this will open the page for that product. You should then select your size & press the black “Customise” button. By doing this the shops adds the relevant badges etc to the item. You will see a pop-up screen appear with a photo of the item and the relevant badges etc, that will be applied to your item. (Please note the badge etc may not show on the correct position on the item at this section, but our production team will ensure it is applied in the correct position on the final item)

4. You should then click the “Finish Customisation” black button. This will open another pop-up screen which will ask you to add in your Initials / Squad number if that is required on those items. Please type these in for the items where it is required and then press “Add to Bag”.

5. Please then press continue shopping & repeat Step 3 & 4 for all items you would like to add to purchase.

6. Once you have added all the items, please click “Checkout Now” or click on the basket icon at the top right-hand side and press “Checkout Now” This will take you to the checkout page where you confirm your contact details, delivery address, delivery method & make payment using the payment option section. Please note that the prices you see while in the main shop are the public prices. At the Checkout stage the prices will be discounted down to your discounted rate which you receive as part of being a Kempston Rovers Colts FC member. You will see this price reduction has occurred as green banners will appear at the top of the checkout indicating you have received the “Kempston Rovers Colts FC Item & Pers Discount”

7. To activate your free delivery please click the “Premier Unlimited Delivery – Unlimited UK Delivery for 1 Year” drop down arrow. You should then press the green “Add to Bag” button. Please note that when you click this button the Free Delivery option will be activated against your account & you will not be charged the £14.95 fee. You will see a green pop up at the top of the screen which shows this has been activated and it will say “You have qualified for “Premier Delivery Promotion”

8. Please also note that the discount code you receive in Step 1 as part of your registration / log in can only be used on boot purchases. Please do not use this discount code on your first order, you should activate your Free Delivery as described in Step 6 above on your first order & then use your discount code if you wish to on a future separate order, as if you attempt to do both on your first order only one of these will be applied.

9. Please then complete your payment and order. For any support once you have placed your order please email directly.